Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi guys

thank you pizza hut in San Salvador for wifi. We are back in San Salvador for an all night prayer service. Super nervous and excited atthe same time. There will be thousands of of people there from different churches. We will be doing our big drama infront of everyone and watching others too. We don't expect to leave this prayer service til 5 in the morning. Please be praying for us :)

it has been such a great week. We have been going to school of different levels and different communities. Prolly one of my favorites things is what we call missionary hands. We go from house to house and ask if we can do anything around there house. We have been doing dishes and all kinds of stuff for them and leading them to Christ. We are just planting the seed. We are kit the important one, He is.

So much on my mind and not enough time to tell you. Me and Jesus are getting so close it's blowin my mind. I just want to say that today we have been on this trip for 2 weeks already when it feels like two days. I'm not ok with this. Only 4 more weeks and we have to leave. I don't like to think about it and the team does not like to talk about it.

Sorry for the bad typing hut I don't have time to fix it

love you all and hope everyone is well

miss and love you


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