Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love the way you move me

Hey everyone

This will be my last blog that I write from El Salvador, for now anyways :) I am sitting on this plane about to leave for Miami then back home to good ole Kentucky. It will always be my home but I like to think that I will be having multiple different homes around the world during this life journey. He has called me to do great things everywhere that I go and that includes othere nations. I think back on this trip and seriously cannot believe that it is over. It all happened in a blink of an eye. It's hard to believe a whole summer has gone by when it feels like I have been here for only a few days.  Everyone had their summer filled with pools, tanning, vacations, and no school and I got to go to 3 different countries in 6 weeks seeing the hand of God do some amazing things. There are just too many and too hard to explain when words dont do them justice.  I'm overwhelmed by His blessings. (I'm so glad that I am just typing this cause if I was trying to express these things in person, in this emotional state that i am in you probably could not understand the words that I am saying) My friend Taylor and I were talking about how after a couple days of rest at the camp we were ready to go back out for another 6 weeks, no problem. Yes we miss our family and friends so much but we were born for this. I could live out of a backpack, sleeping on church floors, taking cold bucket showers, eating so much beans, rice and who knows what else that I blow up like a balloon if it means I get to share the love of Christ to these kids who have no idea of what real love is. A love that has endless hope.  He has set me apart for this and revealed to me what I am capable of and best part is that it doesn't stop here. This is just the beginning. Super bummed about leaving but I just have to keep praying and reminding myself to look towards the plans that He has for me. But not to put all of my focus on what He has for my life but to ask Him how He can use me today!!! He will work out everything else. I'm glad it's Him and not me. The challenge that He puts in front of us is that when we go home that we don't leave the words He gives each and every one of us or images from this trip behind or let then enemy put doubt in our heart. But I pray and ask that you would help me in prayer, that we would take what He gave to us on this trip and build upon it when we get home. That we would not let this fire go out and become comfortable to a world that settles. There are so many opportunities around us to act in pure faith and that is what I have been praying for. That He would put situations in my life that I would absolutely have to purely act in faith. Nothing else. That I would stop thinking and start acting. Even as I write this I am just asking for His help because as I type this it sounds nice and looks nice but when the time or times when I need pure faith comes it's not gonna be pretty, it's gonna be really hard. It's so hard right now.  Leaving this is not something I want to do because I know when I get home adjusting back is gonna be messy. Being here and doing this ministry is easy.  I was surrounded by a team of passonate believers and with Jesus we could do anything. Easy part. But I know He has called me to go home and live in that same passion for Him there until He calls me to another country. Africa maybe?? :) I'm just telling you what is on my heart and hope that it comes out in a way that is understandable.

We had a farewell service last night. Got to watch some highlights from the trip and share some testimonies of how God really impacted our lives on this trip. Another favorite part of this whole experience is seeing the growth in my teams members. Actually they are more than team members, they are my family. We grew so close. You kind of can't help it when you live in the circumstances that we were in. We were vulnerable and sometimes saw parts of us that weren't so pretty. But that's all part of the growth. I saw some really break out of their shells and become comfortable in their skin. Some worked through some serious forgiveness for family and then experience the freedom and gifts that He gives when they did :) some realized their call to evangelize, it was beautiful!! Learned alot about people and people learned alot about me. We worry about losing contact with some but if they were true then we will absolutely find a way stay close. I can think of a good number of them that I will be taking a bus to go see. :) we have already planned a few trips and a reunion and it hasn't even been 24 hours since we left haha. Please pray for their continual growth in seeking His face, they are so dear to me :)

I give so much thanks and pray blessing over the churches and schools that gave us a place to stay and food to eat and allowed us to come and minister to their community.

I also want to thank Kristal, our leader, the nationals, and masters commission students for giving so much of themselves to this trip and His Kingdom. For the hours of preparation,  for keeping us safe, and for leading by example. They were truely

Last but not least I want to specifially thank my dad and mom for playing a big part in who I am today. I truely have the best parents in the world. Although they don't like seeing me leave for other countries they still support me and love me in such a big way. And Randy for your encouragement, helping me to be bold and seeing my potential when I don't see it myself. Oh and I ate alot of crazy things and thought of you everytime :) ha thank you.  Evie, I thank you for being the best mentor anyone could ask for. And the fact that I can call you family is just icing on the cake. One of Pats best decisions :) thank you for teaching me how to walk in freedom and loving me the way you do.  And to all of my family for your love and support, always being there for me and for making me laugh. You all bring so much joy to my heart. Friends. I can't even express my gratitude to my friends. The ones I've had for forever and the ones that I have made in the last couple of years ( roommates) I'm not even gonna try and describe how you all have been there for me and how you make me feel. Know that I appreciate you for stickin by me for so long and seeing who I am and still loving me. :)

So I guess this is it. Wow. Im sure i left things out, mispelled alot, and will be misunderstood but you know thats all ok  :) I love you all and will be seeing your faces soon!!!



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