Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beautiful Faces

Hi everybody

First day out doing ministry and it was so awesome!! These faces get me everytime. We got to do two programs and have lots of play time. That's the difference between an AIM trip and WW, AIM we did up to like 6 programs on a day bit doing less programs me staying and learning the community and gettin inLOTS of play time with these kids. we went to a pretty intense area bit no worries we are safe an will remain safe, I have no doubt doubt about that. It's crazy to me to hear the stories of what these kids go through then to see their face and see that these things happen around them and it is like everyday nonsense that they are used to. Murders, rapes, you name it, it's happens in the neighborhood and it's normal behavior. NORMAL!!! The kids were a bit hesitant to is as strangers as you can imagine bit it doesn't take long and they are all over you. I love it. We did a prayer line and as the child was getting pasted to the next pair we were told what they wanted prayer for and even after being told what they live through everyday my heart was still broke when I had a face in front of me to apply the request to. On the way home we took some of the Guardians of the Vision back tonour camp for their weekly getaway. Guardians od the Vision are kids from the age of 9-12 sharing the truth of Jesus in the church community. They have so much strength and courage that I am def learning from. One od my favorite parts amoung many was that they prayed for us World Warriors :)
Tomorrow and Sunday we do the same thing just different places in San Salvador. Then on Monday we leave for Honduras and then Nicaragua for the rest of the 6 weeks. So no more camp at the lake and mo more Internet for a long time. Less showers and more moving around on long bus rides, bring it on!!!

I'll try to get one more post in tomorrow before we leave on Monday. Love you all!

Becs :)

P.S. I love being a World Warrior. I wonder what He has for my future with Him?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lake time

Hey :)

this one will be kinda quick.

Today we were busy going over the countless numbers of dances, skits, and dramas before we go out tomorrow. Yep I said it. We get to go out to the streets and do ministry. So excited that it's finally here. Our team has a bunch of different talents with music, dance, tumblig, juggling, and all kinds of stuff to bri in some people.

We had a couple of hours of free time today so we got to go down to this big dock and jump and swing off this trapeze thing into a volcanic crater lake. LEGIT. So much fun. Now we are about to have dinner then go to the prayer fortress up the mountain.

Gots to go
love you


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Livin the life

Hi everyone,

All things are good here in El Salvador. We have been super busy and on our feet learning skits, dances, dramas, and puppets haha so much fun. Yesterday we did alot of team building exercises like climbing up walls and log balancing and stuff. We are a pretty tough and creative group if I may say so myself:) god knows what He is doing!!

I would like to introduce my team so that you all could be thinking and praying for each one of them. Ashlyn, gabby, Tori, Taylor, bri, Bonnie, Neil, Heidi,Sabrina, and michael. And most of you know Kristal is our leader and we also have the great privalege of having 6 awesome nationals to be with us, who are also involved in the masters commission here in El Salvador.

We have been having classes everyday about the street ministry that we will be doing and I can't help but be super stoked about seeing miracles and not just seeing but being an open vessel that God can use to carry them out. We have been hearing story after story of the miracle that other WW's have witnessed. It's crazy that just in the few days I've been here the doubts and the fear that I had coming into this has sooooo decreased. Faith like a child,
right? Everyday is just a new YES. Because the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of ME!!!! What?!?! That's crazy everytomeni here it, and true everytime. I just pray that I would walk on the everyday. We are being challenged to seek after God and ask for new words and revolations that would be a tool for our upcoming adventures.

I love it here and can say that I miss my family, friends and roommates but wish you could come here instead of me going home, because like most of you expected I don't want to leave. Yes I know i've only been here for 5 days I can't wait to get out and see the beautiful babies and children and just love on them.

Love you all

leave a comment and tell me how you're doing :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calling home today

Hi everyone,

Happy Fathers Day Dad!! You are a good dad and I am one very little girl to have such a supportive and giving one like you :) love you

Today I get to call home for a couple minutes so keep your phone handy. Things are movin along here in El Salvador. Yesterday we had a full day. It's amazing how much you can get done in a day when you get up at 6 in the morning. Yes, we get up at 6 and have boot camp. My legs are in so much pain that it's embarrassing. We have personal and group devotions everyday. And we actually started learning the dances that we will be doing for the beautiful children here. Reminded me of how much fun we had last year on our Nicaragua missions trip.

Today we got to go to Don and Terry Triplett's church in San Salvador, El Salvador. Longest service I have ever been to. About 3-4 hours :) and I thought of you Evie. After church we went back to the pastors house and had lunch. He told us some awesome stories of how he was called here to missions and started this world warriors program. Very encouraging.

In about a week is when our team will be leaving the training camp and start traveling the countries we are supposed to minister to. So, more interesting stories to come.

Alright, I'm signing off. I sure do love you guys and hope you are being safe.


P.S. I am typing on my iPod touch and I am not used to it at all so please excuse the typos and such. I don't have time to edit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

And the journey begins

Hi. I MADE IT!!! The flight was done I'm just so stoked to just be here finally. The team and I are getting to know each other and I'm really excited to see what He does with all of our awesome personalities. Internet is pretty sketchy here so I'm afraid my posts aren't going to be the biggest, but hey it's some communication. I love you guys and deeply appreciate those who helped get me here. Words are not enough. Thanks for the continued prayers as we step outside ourselves and enter into His will :) tomorrow is boot camp so I must get some sleep.