Friday, July 8, 2011

Hi everyone

the team and I have been pretty busy with programs in an area on the coast of El Salvador since Monday. We have made our way into alot of schools of all levels and in public places. Making an impact in such personal ways. We have people rededicating their lives to Jesus, wanting to get rid of the old and put on the new. Teenagers who have gone through more than my mind can fathom wanting to be set free from the past and start living for something more.

It's so awesome to watch them transform right before your eyes. They come in hard and cold but can't deny the presence of God with His love and truth surrounding them. We have seen numerous accounts of adults and teenagers who are feeling lead to come to the areas that we are at and just wait to see what happens.

We have this drama that we do called "Epic" Its about getting caught up in the worldly things and how it takes you down a dark path until you accept Christ. And the end of this drama has an impactful celebration dance with everyone and let me tell you, everytime we do this drama it breaks people. Many people have said it spoke to them and they accepted Christ. Typing and reading about it is one this but seeing it with your own eyes is something totally different.

Which is why I would not want to be in any other place than where He has me right now. No other place!!! He is stretching me and my faith and To feel this kind of change is indescribable and not somethingbi ever want to let go or get comfortable with. I have a long ways to go but man I love the journey getting there.

We are leaving in the morning for another church in El salvador. Then on Monday we head to Honduras. Excited to see what He has for us there. I don't know when I will get intenet again so please keep us in your prayers.

I love you


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