Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beautiful Faces

Hi everybody

First day out doing ministry and it was so awesome!! These faces get me everytime. We got to do two programs and have lots of play time. That's the difference between an AIM trip and WW, AIM we did up to like 6 programs on a day bit doing less programs me staying and learning the community and gettin inLOTS of play time with these kids. we went to a pretty intense area bit no worries we are safe an will remain safe, I have no doubt doubt about that. It's crazy to me to hear the stories of what these kids go through then to see their face and see that these things happen around them and it is like everyday nonsense that they are used to. Murders, rapes, you name it, it's happens in the neighborhood and it's normal behavior. NORMAL!!! The kids were a bit hesitant to is as strangers as you can imagine bit it doesn't take long and they are all over you. I love it. We did a prayer line and as the child was getting pasted to the next pair we were told what they wanted prayer for and even after being told what they live through everyday my heart was still broke when I had a face in front of me to apply the request to. On the way home we took some of the Guardians of the Vision back tonour camp for their weekly getaway. Guardians od the Vision are kids from the age of 9-12 sharing the truth of Jesus in the church community. They have so much strength and courage that I am def learning from. One od my favorite parts amoung many was that they prayed for us World Warriors :)
Tomorrow and Sunday we do the same thing just different places in San Salvador. Then on Monday we leave for Honduras and then Nicaragua for the rest of the 6 weeks. So no more camp at the lake and mo more Internet for a long time. Less showers and more moving around on long bus rides, bring it on!!!

I'll try to get one more post in tomorrow before we leave on Monday. Love you all!

Becs :)

P.S. I love being a World Warrior. I wonder what He has for my future with Him?

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