Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Change me by Your beauty

You are good, You are Holy, You are worthy

I thinkn its somethin that we can be consumed with ourselves and the worldly stuff around us wherever we go. Going through the motions can happen anywhere. Just cause you are in a 3rd world country does not mean that your heart is right with His will all the time. I say this because while being blessed with the opportunity of being in the place where I am right now I found myself going through the motions. I show up for the programs to dance and play but do I really show up? Do I come with a longing for more? Do I come with great expectations for God to move? Why am I here? Yesterday was our fisrt day in a new area of El Salvador. I don't know if we were adjusting or the heat was more than we expected or whatever lame excuse my brain can come up with, going through the motions is NOT OK. Not being able to hear some of the kids stories because of the language barrier is hard. But why should language come in between my faith and trust in His radical love and freedom for every person. I just have to look at their beautiful yet broken faces and their surrounds to see the hurt. Physical and emotional abuse is everywhere. But He is so faithful.  We had some really cool stuff happen yesterday that would not have happened if action would not have been taken once the spirit spoke. I'm talking divine appointments.  He is there but are we taking action?

Break my heart for what breaks Yours. Today is a new day. I do not want to be satisfied with what happenend the day before. A longing for more today. A bigger YES today. 

I don't know if any of this makes sense cause I'm not the greatest at puting words to my thoughts. I know some can understand ;)

I love you



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  1. Your poetry sounds like a starving artist, lol

    Jus keeeding ;)

    So how in the world did you communicate with them?