Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where You go I go

Call me, call me out of where I've been
Take me, take me near to your heart

Hi everyone

It's Saturday and I am on another wonderful bus ride :) we are headed back to the camp in Managua, Nicaragua where we will have a free day tomorrow and then head back to camp in El Salvador on Monday. We should have Internet at camp tonight  and will get to call home soon but who knows :) the important thing is that we are safe as always and experiencing some really cool stuff through God. 

We did our last program EVER yesterday. Bittersweet. It was a really good program and God moved in a big way in those kids hearts as they cried out to Him. It was beautiful. I just look out at the room and watched our team praying and speaking words of truth over them and couldn't help but give thanks for Him allowing me be a part of this. Nicaragua is a very oppressive country and very dark spiritually. We all could feel it. So this week was a challenge because the enemy was attacking us mentally and for some of us even physically.  Some of my favorite times are times like these though.  But again, I serve a God who is victorious in all things :) haha So whatever situation or area that we entered that was oppressive we just walked in the authority that Jesus gives us and asked for His presence to come in that place. He is faithful :) so many things to say but not enough time or words to write them. 

I love this country and like I said on my last mission trip here, I will be back. Someday soon :) 

I'm gonna hop off here and soak in as much of this country as I can and just listen.  Thank you Jesus that you never stop speaking to me and revealing your beauty and purpose for my life.  

I love you family :)



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