Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh the places you'll go

We made it to a new country :) Honduras.
After being on the road for 17 hours on a bumpy bus ride
we finally made it. Well we are almost there. We are stopped at a wendy's with wifi for dinner. So you could say I have had alot of time to reflect on the trip so far. Hard and sad to believe that we are past the halfway point. But I can't help but know that God has more just waitin for us. Going through lots of different emotions right now and can't really find words to explain them. Jesus just continuesto speak words of encouragement and truth to me. Always about LOVE!

Yesterday was a fabulous free day. We got to go to
the beach and it was fantastic. Nice to relax and soak in some real sun. Let's just say we are all a little crisp. Was not expect a beach day but I'll take it.

We are all doing good and staying safe. Your prayers are really appreciated and we can feel them, trust me :)

Love and miss everyone


P.S. (mom and dad) When Kristal get minutes on her phone we will be able to make calls home within the next couple of days. So be ready. I would like to hear your voices :)

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