Monday, July 4, 2011

Why wait for tomorrow when I can have You today?

Hi :)

Today is a traveling day. We have about a 5 hour bus ride to ......... The ride is long and bumpy but lots of time to rest up for an amazing week.  We had to Make a stop at the ministry office in San Salvador so that is why I am able to get some Internet, I love the unexpected surprises of Internet to get to talk to you guys :) please leave me messages or emails so I can see how you all are doing. It's not as good as seeing your faces and hearing your voices but it's somethin and I'll take it :)

So I wanted to tell you all a little story about a miracle of my own :) so the day before yesterday I guess July 2nd we kinda had a chill day because it was the day after the all night prayer service. Afternoon comes around and I started feelin really sick. Fever, cold sweats, weak and really achy. My whole body was in pain. Not fun at all and I was on fire. We were also about to have a church service. I got through only one song and I had to get out of there and tell someone. My friend Bri who was in chargenof the first aid kit and who convieniently studying to be a nurse tried to take my temp but it wasn't working but we all knew I had a fever for sure. Kristal had me cooling off with wet rags and laying down all during a church service. I was totally out of it. But Bri stuck by me and took care of me. We both just prayed the whole church service. Soon after we were praying my body was COMPLETELY ache free. All the way. I don't know about anyone else but whenever I have had a fever it lasts quite awhile. Haha not this time. I have a cheeseball smile on my face as i type this because I can't even contain the joy that I have to say this stuff :) I just felt tired. So I got som good rest that night and the next day which was our free day I wouldnt have known that I was sick the day before. I literally kept forgetting that the day before My body felt dead. Thank you Jesus! I was able to enjoy our free day spending hours in the market and swimming in waterfalls in the rainforest of El Salvador. Blessed beyond belief to be able to experience and see His creation. Mind blowing stuff.


wish you all could be here!

I sure do love you guys. I look at your pictures everyday.

We have to get back on the road again.

Love you



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  1. Hey Becca!
    I love you, beautiful girl!!!! So good to read your blog and know exactly the cheeseball smile that is on your face! :) I am stoked to hear what Jesus is doing in and through you guys! Tell all the other WW that I said hi and am praying for them too. Ps- I miss you but love reading these things. I'm so proud of you, Becca!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3<3