Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Livin the life

Hi everyone,

All things are good here in El Salvador. We have been super busy and on our feet learning skits, dances, dramas, and puppets haha so much fun. Yesterday we did alot of team building exercises like climbing up walls and log balancing and stuff. We are a pretty tough and creative group if I may say so myself:) god knows what He is doing!!

I would like to introduce my team so that you all could be thinking and praying for each one of them. Ashlyn, gabby, Tori, Taylor, bri, Bonnie, Neil, Heidi,Sabrina, and michael. And most of you know Kristal is our leader and we also have the great privalege of having 6 awesome nationals to be with us, who are also involved in the masters commission here in El Salvador.

We have been having classes everyday about the street ministry that we will be doing and I can't help but be super stoked about seeing miracles and not just seeing but being an open vessel that God can use to carry them out. We have been hearing story after story of the miracle that other WW's have witnessed. It's crazy that just in the few days I've been here the doubts and the fear that I had coming into this has sooooo decreased. Faith like a child,
right? Everyday is just a new YES. Because the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of ME!!!! What?!?! That's crazy everytomeni here it, and true everytime. I just pray that I would walk on the everyday. We are being challenged to seek after God and ask for new words and revolations that would be a tool for our upcoming adventures.

I love it here and can say that I miss my family, friends and roommates but wish you could come here instead of me going home, because like most of you expected I don't want to leave. Yes I know i've only been here for 5 days I can't wait to get out and see the beautiful babies and children and just love on them.

Love you all

leave a comment and tell me how you're doing :)

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  1. BECCA!

    I am so happy you are having a great time! I can relate to the fear. I had a lot of fear and doubts when we went to Cambodia, but it's like, when you see the need, and you know God has called you to be used there, all of your fears fall away! It's like nothing matters but doing God's will and you get a super big burst of boldness like you can do anything. When we went to Cambodia, I realized for the first time in my life that I had the power of Christ inside of me. Amazing!

    And I am not surprised at all that you do not want to leave. That's the way it should be! I love you!

    Jess L