Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lake time

Hey :)

this one will be kinda quick.

Today we were busy going over the countless numbers of dances, skits, and dramas before we go out tomorrow. Yep I said it. We get to go out to the streets and do ministry. So excited that it's finally here. Our team has a bunch of different talents with music, dance, tumblig, juggling, and all kinds of stuff to bri in some people.

We had a couple of hours of free time today so we got to go down to this big dock and jump and swing off this trapeze thing into a volcanic crater lake. LEGIT. So much fun. Now we are about to have dinner then go to the prayer fortress up the mountain.

Gots to go
love you


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  1. Hey Becca!! Praying for your first day of ministry!! I am SOOOO excited to hear what Jesus does!

    I love you, beautiful girl!